Guyari waterfall: (Raigad, Maharashtra)

 Guyari Waterfall :

Guyari Waterfall (also known as Guyeri Waterfall) is a beautiful waterfall located in the village of Walan Bk in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. It is a popular seasonal tourist destination, especially during the monsoon season.The waterfall is approximately 30 feet high.

Guyari waterfall

Things to do at Guyari waterfall.

 Here are a few of the most popular activities:

  • Picnic: The Guyari waterfall is a great spot for a picnic. There are many scenic spots around the waterfall where you can enjoy a meal with your family and friends.
  • Trekking: There are many trekking trails around the Guyari waterfall. 
  • Bird watching: The Guyari waterfall is a popular spot for bird watching. 
  • Photography: Guyari Waterfall is a popular spot for photography. The waterfall is particularly picturesque during the monsoon season.

Nearest famous places to Saatsada Waterfall

Nearest famous places to Saatsada Waterfall include:

  • Kusgaon Waterfall : Kusgaon Waterfall is a three-tiered waterfall located about 10(by road 22)km from Saatsada Waterfall. 

  • Dhodani WaterfallDhodani Waterfall is a two-tiered waterfall located about 30 km from Saatsada Waterfall. 

  • Guyari Waterfall :Guyari Waterfall is a two-tiered waterfall located about 15 km from Saatsada Waterfall.
  • Mundle WaterfallMundle Waterfall is a single-tiered waterfall located about 20 km from Saatsada Waterfall. 
  • Saatsada Waterfall: Saatsada Waterfall is a seven-tiered waterfall located about 20 kilometers from Kusgaon Waterfall. 
  • Raigad FortRaigad Fort is a historical fort located about 25 km from Saatsada Waterfall.