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Lambasingi waterfalls Raju

Lambasingi Waterfalls

Lambasingi Waterfalls is a beautiful waterfall located in Lambasingi, a small village in the Eastern Ghats mountain range in Andhra Pradesh, India. The falls are about 30 km from Visakhapatnam, the nearest city. The waterfall is a popular tourist destination, especially during the monsoon season when it is in full flow.

The waterfalls are about 23 feet high and cascade down into a pool of water. The water is cool and refreshing, and it is a great place to take a dip on a hot day. There are also a number of shops and restaurants near the falls where you can buy food and drinks.

The best time to visit Lambasingi Waterfalls is during the monsoon season (July-September), when the water is in full flow. However, the falls are also beautiful in the winter months (October-February), when the surrounding hills are covered in mist.

To get to Lambasingi Waterfalls, you can take a bus or train from Visakhapatnam. There are also a number of taxis and auto-rickshaws available at the railway station and bus stand. The falls are about 30 km from Visakhapatnam, and the journey takes about an hour.

Once you reach Lambasingi, you can walk to the falls from the village. The walk is about 1 km, and it is a pleasant way to enjoy the scenery. There is also a ropeway that takes you to the top of the falls.

Here are some additional tips for visiting Lambasingi Waterfalls:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, as the walk to the falls can be a bit steep and slippery.
  • Bring a swimsuit and towel if you want to take a dip in the water.
  • Be sure to try the local food, which is known for being spicy and delicious.
  • If you are visiting during the monsoon season, be prepared for rain.

Lambasingi Waterfalls is a beautiful and refreshing place to visit, and it is sure to make you feel one with nature.

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